What I Do

I’m a communication designer interested in the change of print media in the digital days.
Magazines, books and typography are my passions and I like ice cream (also in winter).

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What I Do

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project StadtAlsWirt

“Die Stadt als Wirt” is a transdisciplinary research project with students from HBKsaar and htwsaar. The project resulted in urban interventions through art and architecture to interact with urban environments and change their perception.

Client: HBKsaar/Art & htwsaar/Architecture
Collaboration with Isabelle Halberstadt

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project News

“Contemporary Facts” is an interactive window installation about fake news and our lack of critical thinking across media platforms. An AI learns how to write headlines out of real local news and generates indicated by passing people current fake news.

Exhibition Da-Da-Da
13.5.–23.6.2017 at MM,M

Collaboration with Bjørn Karmann (interaction design)

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project Mehr2

“Mehr Mehr Mehr” raises the awareness of our consumption of virtual water, which is used in the production of goods and we fast forget.

More information on mehrmehrmehr.eu

project Mehr1
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project BFK2
process Letterpress3
project SaarArt

A newspaper called ”SaarArt“ collectively published by the five main art institutions in Saarbrücken shows current information and their yearly exhibition program.
The 1st edition was published in 2016 and the 2nd edition in 2017.

Client: Stadtgalerie SB, Saarlandmuseum, HBKsaar, Künstlerhaus SB, KuBa
Collaboration with Nina Kronenberger

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detail Milkglass
project DischargeNoise

No electricity equals no connection to the web. And that means no web-based communication. Discharge noise is an interactive abstract sound installation of the power grid.

Collaboration with Bjørn Karmann (interaction design)

detail Neutra1
project TightBeef

By combining two kinds of Slang Universes – Prison- and Teenage-Slang – the game creates a relaxed atmosphere and hereby starts fun conversations between prisoners and their children.

Collaboration with Josefin Olivia S. Hultsbo & Sofie Juel Christiansen

detail Death
process Plakat
project Neutra

A book about Neutra’s school architecture relating to the learning environment. The collection is based on a semester project of architecture students from the htwsaar, Saarbrücken.

Client: htwsaar/Architecture

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detail Mehr1
project BFK1

A visual identity for an exhibition of seven artists at Bundeskunsthalle Bonn in 2017. Each artist got a single booklet, which together form the catalog. The ­covers and exhibition posters were made in close collaboration with the artists — the artists chose the image and its placement in the typographic frame that I provided.

Client: Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, BMBF & DSW (dt)

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detail Neutra2
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project SaarArt1
detail BFK1
process Treefont1
project News1
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